Drake teams up with Gucci Mane and Justin Bieber!?

The rapper Drake has just released 3 new tracks, one featuring Guwop (Gucci Mane), a collaboration with Justin Bieber, as well as a personal song. According to the latest headlines: “Drake released a remix of his song “One Dance” featuring Justin Bieber, rapper Mane’s “Back on Road” featuring Drake and Drake’s new song “4PM in Calabasas.”. Drake said: “This Saturday…I’m going off…I am the DJ for the first how” — in which he was the DJ, and released his 3 new tracks featuring the mentioned artists above.

Well here is my take on all of this. Clearly the three are all using each other to make more money (duh?), but you have to admit that Drake and Bieber are using Gucci Mane to try to up their street cred? Let’s be real for a second Drake has been trying to associate himself with the gang life for who knows how long but everyone knows he’s soft, he just acts like “the man” because he has money. The same goes for Justin Bieber. But at the same time Gucci can use both of them to increase his level of fame so I guess it all works out, aye? It’s just crazy how fake the industry is. The real Gucci Mane would never associate with such soft ass names.

Anyways let’s end on a positive note. I am glad to see such diverse artists working together to create more art for everyone to listen to, enjoy the music. 😀

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