Holly Holm shockingly defeated by Valentina Shevchenko!

Shevchenko defeats Holm!

Another shocking upset in the UFC community as Valentina Shevchenko defeats Holly Holm by unanimous decision. Though the fight was seemingly close, the scores were 49-46 in favor of Shevchenko. This caused much shock considering Holly Holm is now on a losing streak just so soon after her uprising from defeating the undefeated Ronda Rousey. Holm, despite the loss, still had good things to say about Shevchenko. Holly stated: “She’s newer in the UFC, but I knew I had my hands full with this fight” and “When they offered it to me, I didn’t want to act like I didn’t want to take it. I knew it was a really big challenge. What can you do? I know it was a competitive fight, and I take nothing away from her”. Was Holly actually afraid of Shevchenko? But with all upsets aside let’s talk about the winner of the fight.

Who will Valentina Shevchenko fight next?

Shevchenko stated that she would like to fight Amanda Nunes, the current bantamweight champion. Shevchenko also made some positive comments about Nunes saying “she is a good fighter” and “she has good stand up and ground game”. Valentina was ranked number 10 in the bantamweight rankings while Holly was ranked number 2. If Shevchenko can defeat Nunes she will make a giant leap to the number 1 spot in the bantamweight division. Though Shevchenko lost to Nunes in the past she still seems determined to get a rematch at the title!

All in all these women are great athletes who put on an a great show every time they step into the octagon.

Southwest Airlines crisis making a recovery?

Southwest Airlines recently claimed to have found a fix for the technological malfunctions at the affected Dallas airport(s). The malfunction caused Southwest to delay, and even cancel hundreds of flights resulting in shock and anger to those who merely wanted to arrive to their destination in a timely manner. Luckily those affected will receive a “Flexible rebooking accommodation” once the airline company’s systems are fully functioning again — this is all according to an official statement by the airline company. The company also stated “Customers who are booked to travel Thursday, July 21st, should check flight status information on Southwest.com and plan to arrive to the airport early, as long lines may occur.”

Southwest started having the computer issues around 2 p.m. Central time forcing employees to manually check in each individual, resulting in holding planes at gates and delays piling up for the next several hours. Passengers were not able to purchase tickets, check in for flights, or even check the status of their flight, talk about a total nightmare. Southwest claimed that there were 600-700 canceled/delayed flights. Tracking service FlightStats claimed that the numbers were actually greater than that which Southwest reported at about 400 cancellations and 2,000 delays!

Though it may be frustrating to those directly affected we must remember that technology will not always operate at its full capacity and there will be malfunctions.