Man Scales Trump Tower!

So if you haven’t already heard, some “loony” decided to bring his rappelling gear to Manhatten and try to scale up a 663 ft sky scraper. That skyscraper being Trump Tower. Well to be completely honest he wasn’t doing all to bad. I couldn’t have done much better myself. According to officials it took the 20 year old several hours until he was rescued by police at the 21st floor. Police stated his motive for the dangerous stunt was to be able to reach the top and meet The Donald himself.

Donald Trump responded by tweeting “Great job today by the NYPD in protecting the people and saving the climber.”


Young Man Scales Trump Tower – Video!

Did Angelina Jolie commit suicide?

No, Angelina Jolie did not commit suicide. This rumor started over Facebook to gain likes and attention. The title mislead readers into believing that Jolie left behind a video saying goodbye to her family, friends, and millions of fans. Although the title reads “CNN Video Footage: Angelina Jolie Says Goodbye to Her Fans and to Brad PItt Before Doing This Suicidal.” there was no actual suicide. The original publisher of the false video had also tried to gain more attention to his/her web site by falsely claiming that Vin Diesel, Nicholas Cage, Jaden Smith, Jim Carrey, and John Cena passed away as well. There is no actual evidence to confirm the death, beware of hoax web sites.