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Includes a Lecture About Guns

Not sure about you, but I love my music to be preachy, condescending, and chock dux ducis coque galaxy note10 full of leftist talking fichier stl coque iphone 6 points. After coque galaxy s7 edge moto coque iphone 6 silicone bleu nuit a long day of work, who licorne coque iphone 4 doesn like to kick back with a glass of wine and turn on some tunes telling us how our cars cause global warming, our meat eating habits somehow deplete the soil of something or other, and coque iphone 5c logo apparent our guns are killing babies coque iphone 5c world of warcraft Nothing soothes the soul quite like a millionaire rapper trying to guilt me out of my AR 15, which I may or may not have. Just in time for the weekend, coque lot de coque galaxy j3 2016 iphone se mk Marshal Mathers aka Eminem, aka douche who desperately needs Trump attention, has dropped a surprise album to be Murdered By (cute) including a track about the meanness of that which goes pew pew.

The Detroit rapper’s new music video for “Darkness,” one of the album’s 20 tracks, depicts coque iphone 11 pro max apple a coque iphone 5s silicone dbz shooting at a concert. history. and coque coque samsung galaxy a3 sm a300f iphone 5s cuir apple rouge an appeal to register to vote.

“When will this end When enough people care,” reads the text at the end of the video. coque iphone 6 silicone officiel Make your voice heard and help change gun laws in America.”

That track, coque iphone 6s plus cuir apple Darkness, coque iphone 5c minion 3d can be seen here. I watched the full video, so I have some thoughts (below).

The video and song itself isn really the problem here. Eminem can write and rap to whatever kind of story he likes. My criticism coque iphone 4 s nike of Eminem has zero to do with the First Amendment and everything to do with the close of the video itself: that America is nothing but a compilation coque iphone 4s jalouse of mass shootings that too few of us care about.

Alink to the music video on Eminem’s websiteencourages viewers to contact or visit several gun violence prevention organizations, including Everytown for Gun Safety and Sandy Hook Promise.

The reason has been done about shooting gun crime is that nothing really can be done without erasing the Second coque iphone 6 pour iphone 5s Amendment rights of millions of law abiding Americans who never have and will coque iphone 6 enjoy never coque iphone 5 minion silicone kill an innocent human being. As Eminem mentioned in the track, the shooter has no prior records. That quite a common trend among mass shooters, either due to their age (school shooters are minors and shouldn be allowed to have guns anyway), or adult mass shooters who never committed a violent crime. More laws in these cases would do jack squat.

Except that not how it goes, bucko. Americans have coque iphone 5s clairs the right to their guns. Do samsung galaxy j1 2016 coque noir some people abuse that right to great and tragic cost Yes. But as you expecting me to say, guns have also done a lot of good in the right hands. Not least of which, welcome to the United States. We beat the British twice with the use of weapons in our own coque galaxy s10 plus rinoshield hands…